Apr 26, 2008

A Sporty Affair II

1.Put Fundaez

Ans.: The Hand Of God Goal. It was scored as a result of an illegal (but unpenalized) handball by Diego Maradona in the quarter final match of the 1986 FIFA World Cup between Argentina and England. Here's the illustration and original photo.

2. "He paused to calculate the optimal turbulent laminar transition trajectory before it. The man can carry out a multi-variable physics calculation in his head to compute the exact trajectory required. Almost certainly the flow around the ball must have changed from turbulent to laminar several meters from the target. Mr._______ was applying some very sophisticated physics.", thus concluded a team of scientists analyzing a scene in 2002. Which movie owes its name due to this?

Ans.: Bend It Like Beckham

3. Connect and Put Fundaez

Ans.: Tattoos on David Beckham's Body.
That's Queen Victoria (name reference to his wife Victoria), Brooklyn Bridge (reference to his son Brooklyn), Picture from Romeo & Juliet (reference to his son Romeo) and the Winged Cross. He has got all these tatooed on his body.. Victoria is written in Hindi.

4. Connect & Put Fundaez

Ans.: Sportsmen having sporting terms named after them. Dick Fosbury gave his name to the Fosbury Flop, that's the was most high jumpers cross the bar and the second picture is of Vinoo Mankad, known for Mankading.


Ans.: The first No.1 Rank holders in Men and Women ATP Ranking. That;s Illie Nastase and Billie Jean King.


Anonymous said...

1.a sitter- :-)
Maradona's Hand of God against England.

2.David Beckham. This is the description for his free kick.

3.Again David Beckham (Tabloid friendly quiz :-) )
Romeo, Brooklyn, Victoria

4.No clue-Couldnt identify anyone.

5.Battle of the sexes
Billy Jean King and Bobby Riggs

Anonymous said...

and for the 2nd answer.
The movie is Bend It Like Beckham

swarun said...

Very gud qns

swarun said...

Very gud qns....