Apr 8, 2010

Quiz 2010 - 4

1. Who is the deity?

(Hint: Like the Brahma Temple at Pushkar, I think this too is the only temple of this deity)

Ans.: Ravana, this temple is at Jodhpur, Rajasthan.
One sect of Brahmins believe that they are descendants of Ravana, and therefore have constructed a temple there and worship him.

2. Identify this band of brothers.
(Hint: They have scored music for some popular Hindi movie songs)

Ans.: RDB (Rythm, Dhol, Bass), Kuly, Manj and Surj, the guys behind some peppy numbers like the song Singh is Kingg and Rafta Rafta from Namaste London

3. Identify the advertiser.

(Hint: Indian Bank :P)

Ans.: Indian Overseas Bank.

4. Again, Identify the advertiser.

Ans.: History Channel.

5. A served as an inspiration for X and B for Z. Idnetify all

(Hint: Very popular characters)

Ans.: Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld (A) served as inspiration for James Bond (X) and Sidney Cotton (B) was inspiration to Q (Z)

6. Identify these dudes

(Hint: They created something, which beacme very famous & is used by all of us, well almost)

Ans.: Rajat Agarwalla & Jayant Agarwalla, creators of the popular online word game Lexulous (formerly Scrabulous)

7. He was the last man to be given a certain kind of treatment. Put fundaez.

Ans.: Hamida Djandoubi, last person to be guillotined

8. Identify the building from its architecture.

(Hint: Though its famous for other reasons.)

Ans.: Babri Masjid

9. Very simple, who fills up the blank

Ans.: US Presidents who have won the Nobel Peace Prize:

Theodore Roosevelt (1905)
Woodrow Wilson (1919)
Jimmy Carter, Jr. (2002)
Barack Obama (2009)

10. Hardcore Hollywood question - Complete the series.

(This might turn out to be bad question :P)

Ans.: "Rambo. Terminator. Indiana Jones. Vinny Gambini". This is the tagline of the Joe Pesci movie, My Cousin Vinny


vijay's said...

8.Red Fort

arkadev said...

1. has to be ravana. he is worshipping shiva, and ravana was a shiva worshipper.
2. RDB
3. i'm guessing canara bank
4. is this the non-alignment movement or NAM?
5. the philosphers calvin n hobbes for the calvin n hobbes comics?
6. these r the guys that invented the 'scrabulous' game on facebook?
7. hamid djandoubi was the last convict to be beheaded in the USA
8. either the jame masjid in delhi or the taj mahal.
9. no darn idea.
10. the connect is someone who is about to reprise his role in an old franchise. stallone did it with hjohn rambo, arnie did it with terminator, and we know the latest indiana thriller. who is the fourth?

The S with me said...

1) Ravana

2) RDB ( The composers for songs like Aloo Chat, Kambakht Ishq Title Track)

7) Death by Electric Shock

8) Taj Mahal ( these photographs are proof that there used to be a Shiva Temple before Taj Mahal was built)

Anubhav said...


pranav said...

1.is it ravana
9.barack obama
6.the guys who invented the game scrabulous on facebook
10.arnold swazennagger???
5.is it calvin and hobbes
3.axis bank???
7.was he the last man to be killed by the french gulliotene