Jun 28, 2008

Bollywood Paradiso

1. I am quoting this from a movie's music review I read recently
" Mr.A’s fetish for spending peanuts on his film’s music continues in B with
C & D playing willing monkeys. There’s a clear E overdose in this soundtrack
that is marred by a moody, haphazard and bizarre sound. Jhini Jhini is the only track that was remotely listenable – the rest is a so-called thematic hodge podge with every track trying to paint, with its musical strokes, the image of F – quite desperately. Mr.A perhaps thinks way too much about his own skills that he doesn’t consider it important to get a better composer for his films anymore!" Here is a pic of C & D to make things simpler.
Identify A,B,C,D,E,F.


A - Ram Gopal Varma
B - Sarkar Raj
C - Bapi, D - Tutul
E - Govinda Govinda
F - Sarkar (Amitabh Bachchan)

2. This scene was shot on 31st January 1981, 11 crews shot over 20,000 feet of film, which was cut down to 125 seconds in the final release. This is perhaps the biggest wastage of film (technically) in film history, where a single scene of about two minutes length (in final cut) was shot on such mammoth scale.Put Fundaez.

Ans.: This is the Funeral Scene from the movie Gandhi. It was shot on 31st January 1981, the 33rd anniversary of Gandhiji's funeral. 300,000 extras appeared in the sequence. About 200,000 were volunteers and 94,560 people were paid a small fee (under contract).For the funeral scene, advertisements calling for 400,000 extras were either distributed in pamphlets and by newspapers in Delhi. Extras were not allowed to wear anything other than white and as part of security measures, turnstiles were built at selected entry points for crowd control. The crew bought any clothing that was not white.

3.The opening sequence showed a Hammer and Sickle symbol reflecting the producers company. However, since this movie was nominated for the Oscars during the cold war anti-communist period, the sequence had to be edited out. Which movie?

Ans.: Mother India

4. What did this female inspire? Put Fundaez

Ans.: This is RJ Malishka, of Red FM, whose signature (read Takiya Kalaam) 'Good Morrrnniiiinggg Mumbaiiiii' was used in Lage Raho Munna Bhai by RJ Jhanvi (Vidya Balan). She trained Vidya Balan for the role of the RJ.

5. The basic plot of this movie X was lifted from the 1972 Hindi movie Bindiya Aur Bandook (a Chambal ka Dakoo kinda movie), produced by Joginder. Later Joginder filed a lawsuit against X's producer. The Dakoo in X prepared for his role by reading the book Abhishapth Chambal, written by Taroon Bhaduri (Father of Jaya Bhaduri).The most famous song of the movie was a copy of the song "Say You Love Me" by Demis Roussos. Name the movie.

Ans.: Sholay. Mehbooba Mehbooba was lifted from "Say You Love Me"

6. In the movie, Bombay to Goa (directed by Mehmood), there was one character who slept all through the movie (despite of all the chaos happening). Which character?

Ans.: Keshto Mukherjee

7. Simple. Identify

Ans.: Dada Saheb Phalke, Father of Indian Cinema

8. He owes a lot to this list
"Hasta Mañana" by ABBA
Billy Jean
Karma Chameleon by Culture Club
Video Killed The Radio Star by The Buggles
One Way Ticket by Eruption
T'es OK, T'es Bath by OttawanBrother
Louie by Modern Talking
When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman" by Dr. Hook
Kilele by Osibisa
Etc., Etc., Etc.

Put Fundaez.

Ans.: Bappi Lahiri.
Lahiri is known to have plagiarized popular western numbers, and many of his songs are copies of popular western hits, including Dil Tha Akela from Suraksha ("Hasta Mañana" by ABBA), Jeena Bhi Kya Hai Jeena from Kasam Paida Karne Wale Ki (Billy Jean), Tera Mera Pehla Yaarana from Shart (Karma Chameleon by Culture Club), Koi Yahan Nache Nache (Video Killed The Radio Star by The Buggles) and Jimmy Jimmy (T'es OK, T'es Bath by Ottawan) from Disco Dancer, Hari Om Hari from Pyara Dushman (One Way Ticket by Eruption),Zubi Zubi from the movie "Dance Dance" (Brother Louie by Modern Talking), Haan Meri Jaisi Haseena from "Armaan" ("When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman" by Dr. Hook), and Jee Le Le from Tarzan (Kilele by Osibisa) etc., etc., etc.

9.I became the first-ever actor to play a negative role in a Bollywood movie in the 1943 movie. I never celebrated my birthday after my brother died on my birthday.I was a lab assistant before joining films. Besides acting I was a fine painter and also an active pratitioner of homeopathy, often solving cases even regular doctor's couldn't solve. Who am I?

Ans.: Ashok Kumar

10. The film begins with a disclaimer, stating that RETURN OF ______ is not a sequel to any film made before. But is it really possible to watch the new experience forgetting all about the first part?. Well, the producer and director thought that you should forget the past and see this movie with a new perspective.It has been rated as an Educational Film by the CBFC because it deals with the issue of Global Warming. Name the Film.

Ans.: Return of Hanuman, or Hanuman Returns


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