Mar 3, 2008

Trivia Four

1. In the movie Monster-in-Law, starring Jane Fonda & Jennifer Lopez, Fonda says to Lopez, “Oh Honey, I can’t drink tap. Could you get me some ________? With Ice?” Fill in the blank.
Ans.: Evian

2. Many types of competitions are held for this sport. Some of which are Endurance, Fast Catch, Trick Catch, Aussie Round & Accuracy of Return. What Sport am I talking about.
Ans.: Throwing Boomerang.

3. The Loincloth is the simplest form and probably the first of it. The Hawaiian Malo and the Japanese Fundoshi are also the other kinds. What?
Ans.: Underwears!!

4. Incorporated in 1969, this company created one of the most controversial brands. They created popular T. Shirt with messages as “____ This”, “Hot as ____”, Mile High ____”, “Lucky ____”, “Fun Comes Usually Kneeling”, “____ on the beach”. In 2001, during the introduction of French Connection in San Francisco, big banners hung on the front of the newly opened store saying “San Francisco’s first ____”. What Brand. (There are a lot of clues in the question, quite guessable)
Ans.: FCUK (French Connection United Kingdom).

5. Tadao Kashio invented a product called Yubiwa Pipe , a finger ring that would hold a cigarette, allowing the wearer to smoke the cigarette down to its nub while also leaving the wearer’s hand free. Japan was impoverished immediately following WWII, so cigarettes were valuable, and the invention was a success. But this story has nothing to do with the worldwide success of this man and his products. Which brand and product gave him his fortune?
Ans.: Casio, the electronic calculators did the magic.

6. Shankar Jaikishan, Kalyanji Anandji, Nadeem Shravan, Jatin Lalit, Ram Laxman. Tell me about the odd one in this list.
Ans.: Ram Laxman. All the other music directors are duos, but Ram Laxman is a single human being .

7. I was born Hema Hardikar, but later my father Dinanath Hardikar changed both my name and our surname. My godfather was Vinayak Damodar Karnataki, a well known theater group owner. I also used the pseudonym Anand Ghan for my career interests. Who am I?
Ans.: Lata Mangeshkar.

8. I once changed my religion to become a Muslim and changed my name to Karim Abdul. Identify me in connection to the following pics.

Ans.: Kishore Kumar. He changed his religion to get married to Madhubala. He refused Sanjay Gandhi’s offer sing at a Congress Rally in Mumbai, for which the then Prime Minister penalized him by passing an order not allowing him to sing live on All India Radio and even his songs were not allowed to be broadcasted during that time. Afterwards, due to the intervention of senior film producers, the order was taken back by Indira Gandhi

9. The HMS Minden was the first ship to be built at this shipyard. This is was first British ship to be built outside the British Isles and the anthem Star Spangled Banner was composed on this ship. The place where the shipyard exists was leased for a paltry sum of 10 Pounds a year to the Brtish East India Company. Which place?
Ans.: Mumbai.

10. The best _________ are made by Bikalananda Kar in the small town of Salipur near Cuttack. These were primarily the offerings to Lord Jagannath in Puri and other coastal districts of Orissa. The recipe then travelled to the neighbouring West Bengal. This was during the Bengal Renaissance when Brahmin cooks from Orissa, especially from Puri, were routinely employed by richer Bengali households. They were famed for their culinary skills and were commonly reffered to as Ude Thakurs (Cooks from Orissa). The recipe was then further modified by a Bengali gentleman who in turn earned the sobriquet “___________’s Comlumbus”. What delicacy am I talking about.
Ans.: Rasogollas.

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