Aug 14, 2010

Independence Day Special India Quiz

1. What is the main source of inspiration behind this logo?

Ans.: The XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 logo is derived from the Chakra which symbolizes the national freedom, integrity and vigor.

2. Identify this HERO.

Ans.: Chandrashekhar Sitaram Tiwari, better known as Chandrasekhar Azad, one of the most important revolutionary, who shot himself, keeping his pledge to never be captured alive by the British

3. The horse stables in this Japanese Shinto shrine have an Indian connection. Give me the connection.

Ans.: The stable of the shrine's sacred horses bears a carving of the three wise monkeys, who hear, speak and see no evil, a traditional symbol in Chinese and Japanese culture, which was hugely popularized by Mahatma Gandhi in India and in some school text books is attributed as a brainchild of the Mahatma.

4.ID the TV serial from this theme music.

Ans.: Bharat Ek Khoj

5. In the early 18th Century, Lahore was famous for its weekend markets. The tradition was such that the first sale on every market day was made to a dwarf. What practice has this resulted in?

Ans.: Boni or Bauni. The hindi / urdu word for a dwarf is Bauna,so Bauni from the word Bauna.

6.Id the chick performing in the opening titles of this movie (ala James Bond flick type opening credits) and also her other claim to fame

Ans.: Katy Mirza. She was the first Indian girl to be Playboy’s bunny girl.

7.The person in this pic (along with Indira Gandhi) was a veteran journolist and played an instrumental role in the episode of India giving asylum to a World figure. Put Fundaez.

Ans.: Naresh Chandra Rajkhowa.
The Dalai Lama’s request letter for asylum had reached Rajkhowa by mistake in Shillong, where he was based as the correspondent of the The Assam Tribune, a local English daily published from Guwahati.
The messenger, who carried the Dalai Lama’s request letter written in English, reached Rajkhowa instead of a government official to whom the letter was addressed and who was residing near the journalist’s residence.
Rajkhowa first copied the whole letter before sealing it once again for handing it over to the messenger for delivery to the official and thus broke the story about the Dalai Lama’s flight in The Assam Tribune.
Rajkhowa was also the first Indian journalist to have interviewed the Tibetan religious leader.

8. Distribution and Collection flowchart of?

Ans.: Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad

9. Id the valiant lady on the stamp and what is her claim to fame.

Ans.: Neerja Bhanot.
She was a flight attendant for Pan Am airlines, based in Bombay, India, who died while fighting terrorism on board the hijacked Pan Am Flight 73 on September 5, 1986, she went on to become the youngest recipient of India’s highest civilian award for bravery, the Ashoka Chakra

10. X (a term depicted in this cartoon) has been happening in India since 1959. The intensity of X has been lowered this year. What and Where?

Ans.: X is Goose-Step.The goose-step is a special marching step usually performed in formal military parades and other ceremonies. While marching in parade formation, troops swing their legs in unison to a nearly horizontally position while keeping their knees locked. It happens at the Wagah Border at the Flag Lowering Ceremony (see video below) every day. In July 2010, as part of a move initiated by India, both countries agreed to tone down the aggressiveness exhibited by soldiers during the gate closing ceremony. This was owing to the fact that the soldiers hurt their feet and knees performing the goose-stepping every day


abhishek chakraborty said...

1.ashok chakra
2.chandra shekhar azad
4.bharat ek khoj
6.katy mirza (india first and last playboy bunny)
8.looks like lijjat papad distrubution channnel.
9.neerja bhanot(the airhostess who was died fighting terrorist on hijacked pan America plane)
10.goose steps.its intensity has been lowered in wagah border as the soldiers performing this complained about joint pains

manas.nayak said...

CHAKRA is inspiration behing CWG lOGO.

chandrasekhar azad's picture

Amul Co-operative movement flow chart

unable to hear the audios,may be u had put malgudi days/hum log/bharat ek khoj...

the stamp may be parmeswar godrej

Anubhav Chatterjee said...

Q1.The logo signifies the Go-Green motto.
Q2.Khudiram Bose
Q3.Mahatma Gandhi's 3 monkeys were inspired from this temple.
Q8.Mahila Udyog
Q9.The air-hostess who tried to save passengers in kanishka bombing.

Grondmaster said...

1. The CWG 2010 logo - it symbolisies the growth of India into a vivacious economy
3. Justice Radhabinod Pal
4. Bharat - Ek Khoj (Discovery of India)
8. Lijjat Papad
9. Goose stepping during the Wagah border gate closing ceremony


Mukund Marodia said...

1. chakra
2 rajguru
4. discovery of india by shyam benegal
5. bohni
6. fearless nadia?
7. ramnath goenka?

Murali Duggineni said...

Hi Kamal,
Great stuff. Here are my answers:

1. Chakra/Wheel as in the Indian flag, symbolizing freedom, unity and power
2. Rajguru
3. here the presiding deity is a monkey
4. Bharath Ek Khoj
8. cash collection in Mumbai local trains

Murali Duggineni

arkadev said...

1. thats the CWG-2010 logo, modeled after the chakra on the indian flag.
2. my guess is chandrashekhar azad
4. definitely bharat ek khoj
5. looks like padmini kapila, and her only other 'claims to fame' could be her affairs with naveen nishchol and prakash mehra.

Rohan Modi said...

Rohan Modi
B.Tech (Electrical) 3rd Yr.
Kiit University, Bhubaneswar

1. The logo is inspired by the chakra designed by Idiom Design and Consulting. It showcases freedom, unity and power.
3. The stable has carvings of the three wise monkeys-speak, hear or see no evil, which were the patrons of Mahatma Gandhi.
4. Bharat Ek khoj, Doordarshan
6. katy mirza (india girl in playboy magazine)
8. Shri mahila griha udhyog Lijjat papad
9. Saudamini Deshmukh. first all-women crew flight on Fokker Friendship F-27
10. The picture depicts hitler's decision to reject the treatyof versailles and rearmament to extend his boundaries....this may relate to pakistani intrusions in India across the border.

Nirad said...

1. The Conch

2. Ramprasad Bismil

3. Netaji's ashes?

4. Chanakya

5. Bauni and Bauna

6. Kiron Kher

7. She wrote in support of The Dalai Lama

8. Pan Parag

9. pass

10. Superficial Diplomacy