Aug 11, 2009

India Quiz

Q1) This movie won an Oscar. I need the Indian connection to this movie.

Ans.: Best Boy by Ira Wohl, won the 1979 Oscar for Best Documentary.The Oscar Award for this movie was awarded by Persis Khambatta, making her the first Indian citizen to present an Oscar.

Q2) If He is the first male to do something, Who is the first female?

Ans.: Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar was the first speaker of the Lok Sabha. Meira Kumar became the first female speaker of the Lok Sabha on May 30, 2009.

Q3) He was the lucky man, who got the chance to do something first,which is historical.
(hint: He has worked along with Kamal Hasan and Rajnikanth, this hint is only to make it easier to search if you do not know him.)

Ans.: At 5.30 AM, on the morning of August 15, 1947, Poornam Vishwanathan announced to the country that it had attained freedom from the British on the AIR News. "India is a free country," was his first sentence.

Q4) This Indian cricketer was on a car which met an accident. Luckily he survived, but the son of a reknowned singer died in the accident. Identufy this cricketer and the singer.

Ans.: Sairaj Bahutule. Jagjit Singh's son, Vivek Singh died in the fatal accident.

Q5) Connect.

Ans.: Leander Paes and the Munich Massacre. Leander's parents (his father, Vece Paes was a former Indian hockey midfielder, and representing the Indian team in the 1972 Munich Olympics, and his mother Jennifer Paes is a former basketball player from India who captained the Indian national basketball team in 1982 and participated in the 1972 Summer Olympics) were part of the official games squad The games were closed for 4 days because of this incident and his parents having nothing to do ,well conceived him. Leander was born on June 17, 1973 and the Games were held between August 26 to September 11, 1972. This was told by Paes in an interview to prorogram Harsha Online.

Q6) This inspired a super hit Hindi song. Name the song.

Ans.: Yeh Dil Na Hota Bechara, Jewel Thief.

SD Burman and RD Burman were driving home one night after seeing “The Bridge on the River Kwai” when SD Burman started tapping out the tune on the car’s dashboard, improvising on Colonel Bogie’s March, which turned into this song.

Q7) A simple Sporting Connection to end with. Explain.

Ans.: Hilsa vs Prawn aka East Bengal vs Mohun Bagan.
Traditionally East Bengal Fans celebrate their Win by eating Hilsa Fish and Mohun Bagan Fans celebrate win by eating Prawns.

Happy Independence Day & Enjoy


Debasish said...

1. Best Boy by Ira Wohl
5. Leander Paes conceived during Munich Olympics as Black September attack led to his parents being cooped up in their rooms.
6. Yeh Dil Na hota from Bridge on River Kwai Marching song
7. Minnows

man with no name said...

1. I just know it's the best boy

4. Sairaj Bahutule and Vivek Singh son of Jagjit Singh

5. Vece Paes, Represented India in Hockey at the 1972 Munich Olympic

6. Not able to watch the video.. will try again later


Neo said...

1. Persis Khambatta became the first Indian to present an Oscar

2. Meira Kumar , first woman speaker . The person in the pic is GV Mavlankar

3. Poornam Viswanathan announced the news of India obtaining independence in the first news bulletin broadcast on August 15, 1947

4. Sairaj Bahutule ; Jagjit/Chitra Singh

5. Well , couple of connections here actually . Leander's dad Vece was a bronze medal winner at the 1972 olympics in Munich ( a snapshot from the siege of Munich by Black September shown ) . The other connect that i can think of is that he was supposedly conceived in Munich as his mom n dad couldnt find..err..condoms as a result of the siege

6. The song featured here is the theme frm Bridge on the River Kwai and is based on Colonel Bogey March . I can recollect couple of Malayalam songs inspired by this one , cant recollect any Hindi songs . Will attempt later

7. Will research n attempt later


bangalore said...

2-meira kumar
4-sairaj bahutule,jagjit singh
6-'taqat watan ki humse hai'(prem pujari film)

senders name-v.chandrashekar