Mar 3, 2008

Trivia One

1. A Cricket surprise. This is the only place in the world, where cricket is played only by women. It’s a Sunday game, players are barefoot, and the umpires are always men. Straw hats and frangipani flowers complete the cricketing attire. Where is this place?
Ans:New Caledonia

2. In which country is Dueling legal?
Ans:Paraguay, only if both the parties are registered blood donors.

3. What does the Chinese ideograph of two women under one roof mean?

4. It is called Bul-Bul in Framce, Lily-Trily in Denmark, and Hilarin-Lilarin in Finland. What is it called in English?
Ans:Humpty Dumpty.

5. According to the philosopher Descartes, all monkeys can speak like human beings but they don’t speak for one reason. What?
Ans:According to him, the monkeys think that if they speak, human beings will make them servants. Thus their silence.

6. Where would you find Alexander, Julius Ceaser, Charles & David together?
Ans:In a pack of cards. They are the four kings.

7. William Shakespeare refers to the game of football in one of his plays. Name the play.
Ans:The Comedy of Errors. Dromio of Ephesus says : “Am I so round with you, as you with me, that like a football you do spurn me thus?”

8. Which animal species has the largest brain in proportion to its size?
Ans:The Ant.

9. What is so unusual about the American play, Another Interior, written by Edward Goodman in 1915?
Ans:: It is the only play to take place in the human stomach, the hero of the play is Gastric Juice and the villains are the various courses consumed at a dinner. Brave Gastric overthrew them one by one, though with failing strength, till at last he fell a victim to a particularly vividly colored cordial.

10. In the year 1698, On What unusual thing did the Russian Tsar Peter I, levy a tax?
Ans:Beard. The wearing of beards, which was favored by Orthodox doctrine, was prohibited and the Beard Tax was instituted. With the exception of the Orthodox clergy, anyone who wanted to wear a Beard was ordered to pay a special tax and obtain a token (znak) from government officials.


cupidcobra1 said...

Question 9 is unsubstantiated, I could find no mention of the writer, let alone the play, even after searching the internet thoroughly. Can you provide the source?

cupidcobra1 said...

Also it will be Charlemagne and not Charles, in the answer to question 6. As you know, there a welter of Charles scattered through the history of Great Britain! I verified it from Wikipedia.

Kamal Rathi said...

For Question 9, please refer to